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Anne Hart writes about books and niche news.

I love reading books. Since June 17,1959 I've been writing books, writing articles about books, writing articles about how to write books...writing more....and sometimes illustrating the covers of several of my books.

Here are some of the 87 paperback book titles currently in print at this date written by Anne Hart, M.A. (listed at Amazon.com) and at the publisher's site.


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Anne Hart, a low-income senior citizen is a retired book author and columnist who since 1959 had been writing about creative writing techniques, creativity enhancement, nutrition, health, genetics, vegan foods, and DNA-driven genealogy. Before retiring, she had written more than 7,000 articles online. Hart holds an M.A. in English/creative writing, and currently enjoys reading books and articles, listening to music, viewing travel videos, and visiting art galleries. Her 87 paperback books currently in print were all self-published print on demand. Hart is a low mobility senior citizen nondriver who does not travel, but loves to watch travel videos and read about solar cooking and vegan foods.