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Anne Hart writes about books and niche news.

I love reading books. Since June 17,1959 I've been writing books, writing articles about books, writing articles about how to write books...writing more....and sometimes illustrating the covers of several of my books.

Dogs with Careers: Ten Happy-Ending Stories of Purpose and Passion, a novel by Anne Hart. This is my novel and also a collection of some of my short stories under one cover.


Here's an excerpt from this science fiction humorous novel, with added short stories on other historical fictional topics. You have first a humorous sci fi novel with additional short stories set in fictional historical eras, stories of interest to a variety of age groups. The novel is first, and then a collection of some of the short stories by Anne Hart.




Here's an excerpt from the novel: "They're library dogs, Charlie. They're all dog-faces," laughed the space station manager, as he waved goodnight to his security dogs and locked the gates. "They're not just dogs with jobs, but detective canines with investigative sniffing careers at the space station and in outer space."


At night, the space station's library is eerie, dim lighted, and in places, simply velvet-shadow dark, except for the human's dogs. They mingle with the shape-shifting immortal space dogs that prowl the space station library's corridors and live among the rows of computers.


Career dogs just want to have fun traveling on board the space shuttles as working companion dogs, never locked behind gates. These dogs don't bite. They are dogs with purpose and passion.


This is a team of working dogs that can shape-shift from dog to human and human to dog live outside of time. And in this century, they work for a mother and daughter astronaut team.


"Which dog sprayed wolf graffiti on the space shuttle?" A ground controller dog, a mellow, Chocolate Labrador retriever, studied the photo. "But how did it get there?"


"Maybe it's a paste-on tattoo that the astronauts put on board to celebrate all those years here," the pack leader howled in a licorice-sweet yelp. The omega canine hurried to switch off another computer.


'Retriever,' formerly a "library greeter dog" but now the ground controller's pet, sniffed with curiosity. He stretched and curled up on top of the filing cabinet.