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Anne Hart writes about books and niche news.

I love reading books. Since June 17,1959 I've been writing books, writing articles about books, writing articles about how to write books...writing more....and sometimes illustrating the covers of several of my books.

Meet one of California's most prolific paperback book authors, a senior citizen who has been writing books for more than half a century. Meet nutrition, behavior, and health topics journalist Anne Hart, writing full-time freelance as an independent journalist since June 17, 1959, celebrating more than 50 years of being an independent journalist, novelist, and author of 91 paperback books emphasizing the realities of the lives of senior citizens, nutrition, and health trends. View 50 book cover photos.


Before retiring from teaching part time and writing full time, Hart taught creative writing courses to novelists specializing in specialty mainstream, historical, and genre fiction such as culinary novels, play and script writing, short stories, poems, and anthropology or history through fiction.


See a list of some of her 91 paperback books (87 paperback books currently in print at this date -- titles are listed at Amazon.com and at the of the publisher's site). She's also written numerous novels and short story collections in paperback and also with some works available as e-books. Some of the novels are time-travel adventures set in ancient or medieval times and in exotic locations.


Some of her 91 paperback titles include 101+ Practical Ways to Raise Funds, the nonfiction book, Diet Fads, Careers & Controversies in Nutrition Journalism. Looking to be a science or medical writer? See the book, 101 Ways to Find Six-Figure Medical or Popular Ghostwriting Jobs & Clients, 30+ Brain-Exercising Creativity Coach Businesses to Open.


Want fiction?


Then read the medieval historical time-travel novel, Adventures in my beloved medieval Alania and Beyond. Interested in family history newsletters? Then see the nonfiction how-to paperback book, Creating Family Newsletters & Time Capsules, Also see the paperback novel and collection of stories under one cover, Dogs with Careers: Ten Happy-Ending Stories of Purpose and Passion. And browse the paperback book, Who's Buying Which Popular Short Fiction Now, & What Are They Paying?


Looking for Anne Hart's food, health, and behavior-related nonfiction articles collected in a paperback book?


Check out Neurotechnology with Culinary Memoirs from the Daily Nutrition & Health Reporter. Some creativity-enhancing books include, 30+ Brain-Exercising Creativity Coach Businesses to Open.


Want to do creative genealogy writing?


You may wish to browse, How to Launch a Genealogy TV Business Online. Want to write ethnic or multicultural plays? See the book on how to write plays, Ethno-Playography. Browse the paperback book, How to Start, Teach, & Franchise a Creative Genealogy Writing Class or Club. Want to write great family history newsletters whether digital or text/print versions? See Anne Hart's book, Creating Family Newsletters & Time Capsules: How to Publish Multimedia Genealogy Periodicals or Gift Booklets.


Looking for nonfiction? Want to produce videos such as documentaries or films and write the scripts? See Anne Hart's book, How to Video Record Your Dog's Life Story: Writing, Financing, & Producing Pet Documentaries, Drama, or News.


Looking for humorous contemporary or time-travel historical fiction?


Also see novels, Astronauts and Their Cats, and the novel, How to Start Engaging Conversations on Women's, Men's, or Family Studies with Wealthy Strangers. See the novel, Proper Parenting in Ancient Rome. Want more creativity enhancement and writing assessments, that means questionnaires (multiple choice) for motivating, exercising, and inspiring your creativity--for historical fiction writers? See, Do You Have the Aptitude & Personality to Be A Popular Author?  Develop your historical fiction writing personality inclinations or creative inspirations.


Anne Hart earned bachelor's and master's degrees in English, emphasizing writing the novel, fiction writing and professional writing before starting a full-time career writing novels, plays, poems, and science writing. College minors were in psychology and anthropology. Many of her novels are for young readers focusing on adventure and historical time-travel stories. Nonfiction books include how-to books on nutrition, genetics, health trends, and behavior.


This author also taught university level classes since 1972 part time while spending more than eight hours daily writing novels, how-to books, plays, and scripts. Some of her novels include fiction titles such as Proper Parenting in Ancient Rome and Dogs with Careers. Want a suspense novel with humor? Read Anne Hart's novel, Murder in the Women's Studies Department."


Hart has written more than 2,000 articles and nonfiction books such as Neurotechnology with Culinary Memoirs from the Daily Nutrition Reporter and books on DNA-driven genealogy, including how to start and teach classes in family history. Besides numerous novels focusing on time-travel in exotic locations, she also has frequent columns on nutrition and health and specializes in finding healthier ingredients for various foods, for example chia seeds for starch in puddings and eating snacks of nuts and seeds instead of chips.


Check out some of her how-to videos on YouTube on topics ranging from foods to DNA-driven genealogy research. Since 1959, Hart has been writing daily at least six days a week, either stories, novels, how-to books, informational articles, and plays, poems, or scripts. She retired from part-time university teaching creative writing courses in 2002 and now spends her days writing articles "to make the world a kinder, gentler, and healthier place."


Anne Hart's hobby is writing about and cooking historical, sometimes ancient or medieval recipes, as long as they have health merit, such as 15th century style meals with spices. Anne Hart frequently writes in her columns about vegan cooking such as favorite Renaissance-era meals made with modern ingredients that are organic and vegan. The golden years are memorable times to bring cheer and smiles of joy to all, is Anne Hart's motto.